Hummingbird Track Club, Inc.
P.O. BOX 394
Beltsville, MD. 20704

Dear Prospective HUMMINGBIRD Runner and Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Hummingbird Track Club (HTC). We can assure you that if you choose to run with us, you will be joining one of the finest track clubs in the United States. Many of our coaches are USA Track & Field certified, and enjoy working with young people. (USA Track & Field is the national governing body for track & field in the U.S.) Our "track record" will show that we have a rich history of developing fine academic athletes, who attend, do well, and graduate from college.

Enclosed with this letter are the necessary forms to become a member of our club. We will briefly cover each in order to eliminate as many questions as possible. Our running season begins in June of each year, but we begin preparation in October. This preparation increases as we progress towards the spring; and begins on a daily basis about the second week in March. High school athletes move in and out of our practice sessions as their high school seasons permit.

Because signatures are required on the forms, we ask that you print the forms from your browser and bring the completed forms with your child to practice.

1. The registration form must be thoroughly completed. The parental consent form giving your child permission to run, and the coaching staff permission to sign entry forms on behalf of the parent must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. The emergency medical consent form  gives the HTC staff permission to provide emergency medical treatment for the runner in the event the parent cannot be reached in a timely fashion is also a part of the parental consent form. Please list any medical problem that may affect your child's participation. Please note that our training is a little more difficult than the average school program, and an annual physical examination is suggested. (High School Registration form)

2. Parents need to understand the commitment that is involved for a track program, and that they will have the runner(s) at practice and track meets for the entire season.

The registration fee covers all entry fees for the summer and registration fees for USA Track & Field. The runner also receives a T-shirt. The registration fees do not have to be paid all at once, but must be paid by the first of June. If you plan to run please return the paper work as soon as possible. This will get you on our mailing list, and assure you of not missing any communication or events preceding the season. Please do not withhold your child from practice because of fees. We can always catch up the money, but we cannot catch up on conditioning and preparation.

Running with the HTC requires a lot of dedication and determination, but it is not all hard work. Almost every young person returns year after year, and all agree that they have a lot of fun. All report that the discipline, and the experiences made the summers memorable and worthwhile. If you have any questions please give us a call at (301) 459-0917. We always like to talk with each parent before the season starts; We will give you a call when we receive the registration forms or speak with you at practice.

                     HTC looks forward to having you join us !!

The Hummingbird Coaching Staff

Telephone (301) 459-0917