Hummingbird Track Club (HTC) is a non-profit organization governed by
a board of Directors, primarily consisting of parents and coaches. The Board, with the advice of the coaches and the parent-body, make decisions regarding national affiliations, event/meet scheduling, registration fees, fundraising, fund allocation and other pertinent matters.

Board of Directors

HTC was founded in 1996 to give a meaningful experience in the sport of athletics to boys and girls beginning at age six. Our emphasis has always been on the student -athlete, underscoring the basic fact that without academic achievement the athlete does not have an arena in which to perform. We are nationally recognized as one of the outstanding track and field clubs in the United States


HTC is committed to strengthening families and the community by encouraging full parental involvement in the growth and development of their MOST valuable treasure, their children

Goals and Objectives

- To teach sound track & field techniques
- To allow youngsters to participate regardless of their abilities
- To strengthen young people's self-image through competition
- To have a meaningful impact in the process of training future leaders through the development of disciplined minds and bodies